Used Parts for Hyundai Cars in USA

Hyundai is another one of the Asian car-brands that is making its presence felt on the world stage alongside Toyota, Honda and Subaru. Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, the Korean parent company for Hyundai Motor Company now is the fourth largest automaker in the world in terms of number of units sold. Hardly surprising when you consider that Hyundai sells its models in 194 countries across the globe. Whats really surprising is that Hyundai Kia Automotive Group is the largest automaker in the world in terms of profit. Definitely, over the last few years, Hyundai’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of extraordinary.

In USA, Hyundai is now recognized as a major player in the automotive market. With a number of successful car models to its credit, Hyundai symbolizes quality, efficiency, economy, comfort and style in the US car market today. Hyundai has always been a step ahead in terms of use of technology in vehicles and that has been a major reason for their dominance in the recent years. Hyundai usually combines effective designs with top-end features to make their models successful. With Hyundai vehicles, there is always a feeling that the customer gets much more than what paid for, and in most cases, it is the right feeling. The steady increase in sales over the last decade speak immensely about how Hyundai has managed to change the perception of American buyers towards foreign automakers.

Hyundai hosts well-developed, state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembling plants in most parts of the world and in USA their main R&D and design center is located in Irvine, California. In addition to this, the Hyundai America Technical Center located in Michigan was built in 2005 for a staggering 117 million dollars. A further testament to how well Hyundai has been doing in America. The official company headquarters, however, still lies in Seoul, South Korea.

Hyundai vehicles are usually priced economically and in America, they have a great service network. These vehicles also come with service warranties and over years of usage, they are not too hard on the owner’s pocket. There is however, one aspect of Hyundai service that still needs some improvement and thats the availability and price of auto parts. In most cases, it has been observed that ordering a part from the company is time-consuming, tedious and expensive. In such a case, a vehicle in need of a critical part stays grounded in the garage for weeks.

As an alternative to the delays in availability of parts, most buyers opt for used Hyundai parts. These are 100% genuine OEM parts available with ease over the Internet and at almost one-third the price of the new ones. Internet today is flooded with websites selling used auto parts but it is the responsibility of the buyer to analyze the company and the product before buying. What one needs to look out for is, the reputation of the website, the parts on offer and the offers on parts. A combination of everything is the right choice and its a fact that most people are satisfied with their purchase if done through reputed auto parts sellers.

Purchasing used Hyundai parts is indeed an option worth exploring before going back to the company and waiting in queue. What sets the used auto parts industry apart is the ease with which used parts are available and the heavy discounts on offer, plus some added benefits too. Many auto parts sellers provide parts with warranty, money-back guarantee, free shipping and customer support. The buyer gets all this plus the actual part for a fraction of the price he would have paid for a new part. In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that used parts work fine with your vehicle since they are original company made.

So if you are looking for used Hyundai parts, Internet is your best friend.

Facts About Water Fuel Technology

Here are a few facts about water fuel technology. The interest in being able to use water as fuel has increased lately with oil at $130+ a barrel, forcing gasoline to $4+ a gallon. Water fuel technology, or being able to run your car on water, is not a new concept. The first internal combustion engines ran on hydrogen back in the 1800’s.

Water fuel technology to run your car on water is a safe alternative to simply using expensive gasoline. You won’t be able to run your car on water alone. However, by installing a simple do it yourself conversion kit to your car you will be able to use water as a catalyst, or booster to the gasoline you burn. Sound fishy? Let me explain.

The conversion kit you will install takes a small amount of electricity from your car battery and a small amount of water. When properly mixed together they form a gas call HHO. Two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This HHO, sometimes called Brown’s gas, when introduced into your car’s engine will help split the gasoline/air mixture droplets into a finer mist. This will cause it to burn more efficiently and more completely.

The water is being split into hydrogen and oxygen with the simple homemade device you install yourself. Thus, the name HHO. It is fed into the unconverted engine…same gasoline system, same computer, etc., etc. You are not running your car on hydrogen. You will not actually run your car on water. Your car will still run on gasoline. You are simply using the HHO as a booster.

Another of the important facts about water fuel technology is that the cost for converting your car to run on water is reasonable. You will absolutely need guidance, or plans and blueprints. They will cost you anywhere from around $50 to upwards of $200. Pick a plan that offers good technical support and you can expect to pay somewhere in the middle of that price range. Parts for the actual kit will run between $20 and $60. They will be available at any hardware or auto parts store.

You can feel safe adding one of these conversion kits to your car. They will not void your warranty. The IRS even offers some tax incentives to you for using green technology.

These facts about water fuel technology should help you make a decision about whether or not you agree that it is time to run your on water. Knowing that these systems will increase fuel mileage by up to 50% makes it almost necessary to learn how to use water as fuel.

List of Car Insurance Companies on the Web

This article takes a detailed look at a list of car insurance companies.

The first company we’ll look at is Farmers Insurance. They were founded in 1927 and have assets of $10 billion. Their financial position is rated between good and very strong by financial rating companies. In 2003, they were ranked as the worst for problems with claims and delayed payments by Consumer Reports but by 2006, they had gained the rank of “most improved.” Farmers also owns 21st Century Insurance.

Allstate Insurance is the largest publicly held insurer in the United States. They have revenues of almost $30 billion. Both Business Week Magazine and CNN have criticized Allstate for denying policyholders legitimate benefits.

AIG Casualty – the American Insurance Group – was actually founded in Shanghai, China in 1919. They’re now located in New York City and have revenues of almost $30 billion. AIG was hit badly in the 2008 financial crisis and has yet to recover its full strength. It was one of the companies that was helped by the government bailout. AIG is the principle sponsor of the Manchester United football team.

Next in our list of car insurance companies is Nationwide. Nationwide is a mutual insurance company founded in 1926. It has revenues of just over $25 billion per year. It started by offering auto insurance exclusively to Ohio farmers. Later, they offered services to farmers in bordering states. Only in 1934 did they offer services to the general public. Nationwide is seen as a very diverse company and supports many gay and African American causes.

Liberty Mutual is a truly international insurance group owning all or parts of property insurance companies in places from Argentina to Vietnam. The company was founded in 1912 and has revenues of nearly $30 billion. Liberty Mutual runs a research institute for safety which conducts field and laboratory studies to make the workplace safer.

Focusing primarily on Car insurance, Progressive is seen as a leader in adapting technology to streamline the insurance process and cut down on overhead costs. They were the first to accept insurance sales over the phone and were also an early adapter in the web arena. Progressive has been embroiled in controversy over whether they directed their policy holders to make repairs at unlicensed shops.

No list of car insurance companies would be final without a word about GEICO whose Gecko has launched the company into a household word and been spoofed on t.v. shows like David Letterman. The company started by offering insurance solely to government employees but now sells to everyone. They are wholly owned by Berkshire Hathaway (which in turn is owned by Warren Buffet.)

There are other insurance companies of course, but these are the major players that deserve to be included on any list of car insurance companies.